The CIS WEBA International Agents Workshops provide excellent opportunities for admissions officers to meet and work with international agents and student counselors. We make certain you have the necessary tools to ensure your trip's success as we supply all tour members with an extensive array of information and contacts well before they leave their office.

We also provide extensive follow-up to our participants including comprehensive contact information of all agents and counselors who attended the sessions, as well as statistical data that help both you and your institution to make informed recruitment decisions.

Please visit our education portal which includes all our members (over 3,850) at www.webaworkshops.ning.com

WEBA will assist you from the beginning of the first contact, as well as after the end of the workshops for the entire year, referring good agents looking specifically for your school.

Agents attending:

We will invite agent members of WEBA from Kazakhstan and from CIS Countries.

All the agents are looking to co-operate with Language Schools, Universities, Colleges, High Schools , Hotel Schools and Vocational Programs.

You will meet 25-30 agents in a One to One meeting, each session will be in a time of 20 minute. The workshops is run in a rotation format in order to meet all the agents attending, is no need to pre-schedule the meetings.


  • Over 426'209 students in higher education institutions in Kazakhstan
  • 145,000 high school students graduate on an annual basis on average
  • Over 40,000 students study abroad and over 1,700 study in the U.S.
  • Education technology; secondary, vocational and higher education are key priority areas
  • Government budget expenditures on education amounted to 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 25% from previous year
  • The program for the Development of Education and Science budget is 4.4 billion U.S. dollars for 2016-2021 period

According to Kazakhstan's Committee on Statistics, there are 496,209 students enrolled in higher education institutions in 122 universities nationwide in Academic Year 2017-2018, with the highest concentrations of students in Almaty, Shymkent, Astana and Karaganda. Additionally, slightly more than 85% of the students are self-funded and 14.7% are on state scholarships. The country's 2050 Strategic Development Plan which includes the adaptation of the education system to the new socio-economic environment, creates opportunities for U.S. higher education institutions and education technology companies. The State Program of Education includes the adoption of the 12-year education model, construction of schools and kindergartens, modernization of vocational and technical education, e-learning education projects and professional development systems for teachers.

The Bolashak Scholarship

The Bolashak is a national government scholarship established in 1993. It aims to assist talented young people in obtaining quality education abroad. The scholarship covers all costs related to education including tuition and fees, costs of travel, and a living stipend. The program requires all Bolashak recipients to return to Kazakhstan upon completing their education and to work for five years in Kazakhstan. Since 1993 over 11,126 Kazakhstan students have received Bolashak Scholarship with a capacity of 1,200 scholarship recipients a year. From 2011, the program provides scholarships for masters and doctoral programs only. The most popular countries for study are the U.K., U.S., Germany and Russia. The Bolashak program currently has agreements with 33 countries and 200 educational institutions worldwide.

Past Participants

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CIS Agents Workshops in Almaty - Kazakhstan Registration: 5th - 6th November, 2023

* Accommodation included 2 nights

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