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Agent Workshops

WEBA World is a Swiss company that has provided professional services to the education industry for over 20 years. Each year WEBA holds over 100 education events in more than 25 countries globally. WEBA holds 3 types of events designed to assist colleges to increase their international student recruitment: (a) Agent Workshops, (b) Student Recruitment Fairs, and; (c) High School Visits. Some WEBA events are stand alone events in 1-City only. WEBA also holds Multi-City Tours where educators may go to up to 8 events/8 cities/8 countries. If they do not wish to go for the full tour, educators may also choose to attend one event/1 city/1 country only.

WEBA holds 2 types of Agent Workshops, "International" (bringing agents from around the world to meet educators in one country) and "National" (bringing educators from around the world to meet agents from one country). WEBA's Member Educators include High Schools, Boarding Schools, Colleges, Business Schools, Universities, and Language Schools. WEBA's Member Agents include more than 2,000 of the highest quality Agents from around the world that WEBA has pre-selected to attend our events.

Arrival and Registration: 22th October 2016

  • Check in Hotel: 12:00 - 4:30
  • Welcome Reception: 6:30
One to One Meetings: 23th October 2016

  • Last minute appointments: 08:30 - 09:00
  • Set up, working table: 09:00 - 09:30
  • One to One Meetings: 09:00 - 12:30
  • Lunch: 12:30 - 1:30
  • One to One Meetings: 1:30 - 5:30
  • Networking: 5:30 - 6:00

Our Education Agents are members of WEBA and come from over 25 different countries including South America, Asia, Europe and Russian speaking countries.


Dr.Julian NG , Warnborough College

Agent from Kazakhstan


Zach Taylor Canadian College


Useful Info

To provide more information about our top schools worldwide we have produced an electronic brochure containing host information about each school. Agents can access each school's own website and contact a representative directly or arrange to speak to them in person at an upcoming fair.
Download our interactive brochure

China Educators Profile

Switzerland Past Educators

Learn about our past educators

Switzerland Past Agents

Learn about our past agents


Appointment System:

  • At every WEBA Agent Fair you will meet the Agents in a Rotating Meetings System
  • At every WEBA Agent Fair you will have the opportunity to attend "One to One " appointments with agents, which are generally between 15-20 minutes long. In some case you will be able to meet two agents on the same time.

This Conference has proved to be by far the most cost-effective way of promotion for establishing working relationships with agents.


  • Workshop - Shared Table: € 2990
  • Workshop - Full Table: € 3490
  • Workshop - Sponsor Table: € 3990
  • Additional Representative: € 790
  • Seminar (25 minutes in front of the agents): € 400
  • Pick up airport from Milan - Malpensa ( Italy) : € 180 for each way
  • Pick up airport from Milan - Linate ( Italy ) : € 250 for each way

Include in the price

  • Working Table
  • Coffee/Tea Break
  • Listing in the
  • agent portal


  • Single Room per night(breakfast included): € 150
  • Double Room per night (breakfast included): € 190
  • If NONE of the above is SELECTED: No Accommodation


  • WEBA's World Agent Database (Over 500 WEBA Agent contact details): € 480
  • Listing inside the Agent Guide 2016 : € 480
  • € 450 per fair Literature Display only

Locarno, Switzerland : 22th - 23th October 2016:

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Prior to the Workshop

Prior to the Workshop

For International Workshops:

(Zurich, Las Vegas , Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, London, Kazakhstan, Tallinn)

After the participation fee has been settled, a list of agents' contact details will be provided around a month prior to the workshop, so that educators can start scheduling appointments with agents ( webaservices.com ). The list will be regularly updated to ensure that each institute has immediate access to a range of vital international contacts.

For National Workshops and EU Tours:

(Bangkok, Jakarta, Istanbul, St.Petersburg, Mexico City, Bogotà, Hong Kong)

After the participation fee has been settled, a list of agents´ contact details in Excel format will be provided approximately 14 days before the workshop. The scheduling will be made directly on the spot.

During the Workshop

During the Workshop

Every institute will be provided with a meeting table to meet with agents. The Workshop is divided into different appointment sessions of 20 minutes each . The institute will be able to register a maximum of three participants, provided that they represent the same institute. Parallel appointments could be scheduled to increase the efficiency of appointments.

Last-minute appointments could be arranged everyday during the first half hour of the Workshop. Further meetings between institutes and agents could be made on an informal basis during the luncheons and coffee breaks provided. This ensures that the networking time at the WEBA Agent Fairs is maximized.

Expansion of International student Bases

Expansion of Int'l student Bases

All participating agents will be subject to an in-depth review. A rigorous screening process will be conducted to ensure that the networking is established with professional and valuable agents. Forming lasting partnerships with high quality agents can in turn promote and recruit students for the institute.

Our mission is to provide our International Agent Members with comprehensive, precise and concrete information about institution partners.

We have gained prestige and recognition in educational circles thanks to several professional educational events such as educational fairs and the annual WEBA Agent Fair.

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