Our Franchising Agents mainly come from Europe, mainly the UK.

Appointment System:

  • All registered participants will receive a login and password to schedule meetings with the agents.
  • The login info will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • The e-scheduling system will be open 2-3 weeks before the event starts and you will be able to request and confirm appointments with all participants.
  • Also the profile and contact details of each participant will be available for you online.
  • You have the option to ask WEBA to pre-schedule meetings.

At every WEBA Agent Fair you will have the opportunity to make between 25 and 30 "One to One " appointments in 20-minute time-slots.

This Conference has proved itself to be, by far, the most cost-effective way of promotion and of establishing working relationships with agents.

China Agents Profile

Workshop Prices

  • Registration: ¬£ 90
  • Workshops only - Shared Table: ¬£ 2490 (you will share the working desk with another school)
  • Workshops only - Full Table: ¬£ 2990
  • Workshops only - Sponsor Table: ¬£ 3790
  • Each Additional Representative: ¬£ 490

Included in the price

  • Working Table
  • Lunch
  • Coffee/Tea Break


  • Single Room per night (breakfast included): ¬£ 85
  • Double Room per night (breakfast included): ¬£ 95
  • If NONE of the above are SELECTED: No Accommodation will be provided


  • World Agents Database (Contact info of Over 500 agents): ¬£ 400
  • Listed inside the Agent Guide 2014-2015 : ¬£ 400
  • Display Brochure on registration: ¬£ 300

Discount 12% for all the booking made by the 10th of March 2015

Schedule of meeting with agents on www.webaservices.com

Each Institution will know, before the event starts, the number of appointments booked and prepare a presentation for the Agents. Each presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes

London : 7-8 March 2016 - Franchising & Partnership Education Workshops registration: