We will visit High Schools offering the IB (International Baccalaureate). at all tour locations.

Contact person from WEBA: Richard Affolter

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WEBA International High School Tours provide excellent opportunities for admissions officers from International High Schools and Universities to meet students willing to study abroad for the rest of High School or students willing to do a bachelor programs abroad. Grade 10-12.

We make certain you will have the necessary tools to ensure each trip's success as we supply all tour members with an extensive array of information and contacts well before you leave your office.

We also provide extensive follow-up to our participants including comprehensive contact information of all visited high schools.

Please visit our education portal where you can see all of our members (over 1700) at www.webaworkshops.ning.com

WEBA will assist you from the beginning of the first contact , as well as with full support after the High School Tour for the entire year.


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Germany University High School Tour 2016 Registration - 2nd - 4th November: