Agents attending the annual WEBA Agent Workshops held in South Africa are coming from all over Africa which include Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, Cameroon, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Kenya , in addition we welcome Agents from Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East and from the rest of the world.

As international student recruitment becomes increasingly competitive, more and more institutions are looking beyond the most obvious source countries in Asia to emerging markets around the world. Among the most intriguing of these prospective markets is Africa, the fastest growing economic region in the world after East Asia, whose young population has a huge demand for quality education.

Nigeria is the leading source of African international students and the logical focal point for recruitment efforts but it is far from the only promising market for colleges and universities.

Language has to be considered when choosing regions to target, as the significant French colonial influence in parts of the continent makes France the most popular overall study destination for African students abroad. By some counts, there are over 3,000 languages spoken in Africa, but 130 million speak English as either a native or secondary language and it's an official language of at least 23 African countries.

At the WEBA Agents Workshops in Africa you will have the opportunity to hold 30 One to One Meeting with the agents and in addition you will have the option to give a presentation in front of the agents attending for a time of 15 minute before the begin of the event.

Appointment System:

  • At every WEBA Agent Fair you will meet the Agents in a Rotating Meetings System
  • At every WEBA Agent Fair you will have the opportunity to attend "One to One " appointments with agents, which are generally between 15-20 minutes long. In some case you will be able to meet two agents on the same time.

Price List:

  • Registration:€ 290
  • Share Table : € 2390
  • Full Table : € 2690

WEBA Africa Agents Workshops 2022 Registration : 27th- 29thApril :